Diversity Discourse – Research Briefs

Research Briefs from the Center for the Study of Diversity

The Center for the Study of Diversity is launching a series of research briefs focused on diversity matters in and around the University of Delaware campus.

These short, evidence-based publications will be written by CSD Faculty Scholars, UD faculty, and other researchers associated with the Center. (Availability dates and exact titles are subject to change.)

The briefs are now hosted on UDSpace.

Volume 1:

No. 1 “Diversity: A value and challenge to the UD educational mission”,Mar. 2, 2018

No. 2 “Achieving the ‘Demographic Imperative’: Barriers and Possibilities for Diversifying Teacher Education at UD”, Mar. 30, 2018

No. 3 “Experiencing Diversity at UD: Findings from the Diverse Learning Environments Survey”, Apr. 27, 2018

No. 4 “Racial Microaffirmations: Learning from Student Stories of Moments that Matter” May 21, 2018

No. 5 “Parent conversations about college matter for first-generation college students’ academic self-concepts and grades”May 30, 2018

No. 6 “Diversity Beyond Students: Families of International Students as Part of the Campus Community” July 10, 2018

Volume 2 topics (subject to change)

“How Diverse are We?: Using the Ethnic Diversity Index as a Metric”

“Touchstones for Understanding Inclusion and Belonging at UD: A Study of Latino/a Student Experiences”

“Diversity Competency”


Dr. James M. Jones, Director, Center for the Study of Diversity; Trustees Distinguished Professor of Psychological & Brain Sciences and Africana Studies

Managing Editor:  

Lisa Schulz, Program Coordinator, Center for the Study of Diversity