Implicit Bias

Implicit Bias Awareness Week – April 10-14, 2017

During the week of April 10 – 14, the Center for the Study of Diversity partnered with Colleges and other units to spotlight the impact of Implicit Bias on the campus climate.

The week kicked off with a public lecture, “The Selling of Implicit Bias,” by Anthony Greenwald, Professor of Psychology at University of Washington.

The concept of implicit bias is being sold both by psychologists bringing applications to public attention and by commercial interests offering to cure the damages implicit biases can cause. A byproduct of any scientific work being propagated beyond its originating disciplines is that non-experts will generate pseudo-knowledge that lacks solid empirical roots. This talk describes both what is solidly established empirically and misconceptions that are best dispelled. In addition to the CSD, Greenwald’s lecture was sponsored by the Office of the President, Office of the Provost, College of Arts and Sciences and UD ADVANCE.

Many events and workshops were held throughout the week; more can be seen on the archival page.

A closing event, “Continuing the Work,” was held Thursday, April 13, in the Ewing Room of Perkins Student Center. CSD Director, James Jones provided an overview of Greenwald’s main messages, lessons learned and suggestions about what to do next.  Jennifer Daniels and Adam Foley of the Office of Equity and Inclusion, guided participants in self-reflective activities and gave them opportunities to make personal commitments to disrupt and remedy implicit biases processes and effects in their work environments.

The work is only beginning, and this is an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve learned, explore how it applies to our personal and professional lives, and how we can take steps to combat implicit bias.