2012-2013 Grant Winners

Faculty Grant Winners

Prof. Deb BielerDepartment of English

Impacts of English Teacher Candidates’ Urban SAT Course

Prof. Cynthia DiefenbeckSchool of Nursing

Factors influencing underrepresented minority applicant’s acceptance of admission offers to Health Science majors: A pilot study of the Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) program

Prof. Barret MichalecDepartment of Sociology

The Path Less Taken: Understanding the Experience of Black Pre-Medical Students

Graduate Student Grant Winners

Katrina AndersonDepartment of History

“Traveling the British Atlantic World: Free Women of African Descent and Emancipation in the Black Atlantic, 1770-1865”

La Tanya AutryDepartment of Art History

The Crossroads of Commemoration: Lynching Landscapes in America

Carrie BarnumDepartment of Biology

SACNAS Two-Step Mentoring Program Towards Diversity in STEM Fields

Justin De LeonDepartment of Political Science & International Relations

“Mapping the Margins” Documentary Film and Discussion Series

Ashley Kennedy and William CisselDepartment of Entomology

Enabling Natural History Outreach to Underserved Audiences

Scholarship that drives diversity practice