Research Grant Reports

2020 Reports – Coming Soon

Faculty Collaborative Grant

  • Jennifer Kubota (Psychological and Brain Sciences, Political Science & International Relations) and Jasmin Cloutier​ (Psychological and Brain Sciences)

Faculty Fellows Grants

  • John Crowley (Communication)
  • Robyn Phillips-Pendleton (Art & Design)

2017-2018 Reports

Faculty Grants

Tia N. Barnes, Bridgette Johnson, Yu XiaExamining the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, and Teacher Candidates’ Self-Efficacy in Delivering Culturally Responsive Teaching Practices

2016-2017 Reports

Faculty Grants

Jenni BuckleyMechanical Engineering 

“How Granular Is the Problem? A Discipline-Specific Focus Group Study of Factors Affecting Underrepresentation in Engineering Undergraduate Programs”

Ryan Beveridge and Stevie GrassettiPsychological & Brain Sciences

“Inaugural Conference Focused on Engaging Diverse Students in Clinical Science Graduate Studies at UD: A pilot”

Elizabeth SoslauEducation 

“Re-thinking the student teaching curriculum: Noting and addressing bias in the classroom”

2015-2016 Reports

Faculty Grants

Lindsay Naylor, “Food Geographies and Food Justice: Diversity, Inclusion and Equity in the Newark Food System

Lynnette Young OverbyTheatre

Arts for Social Change: Communicating Issues of Oppression, Resilience and Liberation

April VenessGeography

The Importance of Place: a pilot project comparing UD students’ experiences on the Wilmington, Dover, Georgetown and Newark Campuses

Graduate Student Grants

Joseph Pritchettdoctoral candidate, School of Education Supporting Religious Diversity and Interfaith Cooperation at the University of Delaware

2014-2015 Reports

Faculty Grants

Esme Allen-CreightonBitter Roots to Sweet Fruit: A musical timeline of Delaware’s struggle for educational equality

Gretchen BauerAwkward Conversations: Race and Race Relations at UD and Beyond

Lindsay HoffmanNational Agenda: Race in America

Graduate Student Grants

Lei ChenThinking Critically on UD Campus: A Case Study of Chinese College Students’ and UD Faculty’s Conceptualization and Experiences with Critical Thinking

Kelly Duran-Jordan, Rachel Amey, Chad ForbesThe Impact of Interleukin 1 Beta Polymorphisms on Vulnerability to Threat Effects and Subsequent Health

Andrew GarciaFostering Interest in STEM and Higher Education for Students of Underrepresented Backgrounds

Marisa KofkeUndergraduate Student Perspectives of Disability: Implications for Postsecondary Pedagogy

2013-2014 Reports

Faculty Grants

Pier Gabrielle Foreman“Discovering Delaware’s Delegates: Brandywine Valley and the Colored Convention Movement,” a Public Symposium

Rosalie Rolon DowRebecca CovarrubiasCarla Guerron MonteroCampus Goals of Diversity and Equity at the University of Delaware: Latino/a Student Perspectives

Deborah BielerExpanding the Impacts of English Teacher Candidates’ Urban SAT Course

Graduate Student Grants

Emily BonistallCall for International Graduate Student Essays

Jennifer FerrisAfrican American History: Uncovered, Transformed, and Disseminated

Michael DickinsonSocial Rebirth: The Enslaved Black Experience in the Urban British Atlantic, 1680-1800

Faith OkpotorSamantha Kelley Gender Code Switching and Political Decision Making

Christopher Bouton, Disrupting Slavery: Physical Confrontations in the Antebellum South

2012-2013 Reports

Faculty Grants

Deb BielerImpacts of English Teacher Candidates’ Urban SAT Course

Barret MichalecThe Path Less Taken: Understanding the Experience of Black Pre-Medical Students

Graduate Student Grants

La Tanya AutryThe Crossroads of Commemoration: Lynching Landscapes in America

Carrie BarnumSACNAS Two-Step Mentoring Program Towards Diversity in STEM Fields

Justin De Leon“Mapping the Margins” Documentary Film and Discussion Series

Ashley Kennedy and William CisselEnabling Natural History Outreach to Underserved Audiences

Scholarship that drives diversity practice