2016-2017 Grant Winners

Faculty Grant Winners

Ryan BeveridgePsychological & Brain Sciences 

“Inaugural Conference Focused on Engaging Diverse Students in Clinical Science Graduate Studies at UD: A pilot”

Jenni Buckley, Engineering

“Assessment of Student Culture for Women and URGs in the UD College of Engineering”

Elizabeth SoslauEducation

“Re-thinking the student teaching curriculum: Noting and addressing bias in the classroom”

Graduate Student Grant Winners

Anessa Baboolaldoctoral candidate, Sociology & Criminal Justice “Diversity & Difference After the 2016 Presidential Election: An Intersectional Understanding of Racialized and Gendered Experiences of Muslim Students”

Andrew Garciadoctoral candidate, Psychological & Brain Sciences “Increasing Diverse Inclusivity at UD via STEM Outreach to Underrepresented Middle School Students” also known as Project Brainlight

Xinhui Jiang and Busra Soylemezdoctoral students in Political Science & International Relations “Diversity Beyond Students: Families of International Students as Part of the Campus Community

Eric Splandoctoral candidate, Psychological & Brain Sciences “The Role of Perceived Instructor Biases in Student Achievement”

Scholarship that drives diversity practice