There is a growing body of work currently labeled Diversity Science in higher education. Diversity Science is a broad interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach to the many issues attendant to and associated with efforts to vigorously pursue diversity initiatives at colleges and universities.

The Center employs a range of disciplinary approaches to critical questions that affect the diversity policies and programs at the University of Delaware. Beyond that, we will also engage more generic issues through our analyses that address some of the complicated issues that must be overcome to achieve diversity initiatives, as well as identifying those critical approaches that demonstrate why successful pursuit of diversity goals is beneficial to university communities. These analyses will from time to time be published as working papers and as research reports.

Finally, the Center regularly hosts research-based meetings, symposia, and conferences that address critical contemporary issues related to diversity. Details for our most recent initiative, the February 2015 Symposium on Research-Based Interventions for Student Success, can be found on this page.

Click here for reports from our previous research gatherings.

Scholarship that drives diversity practice